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Let’s Talk Money: How to Deliver Business Value with AI

RECAP AI Monday, May 22, 2023

AI Monday organized the most recent installment of our event series on May 22, 2023. The venue? The Merantix AI Campus in Berlin. The host? Körber Digital. The evening was full of insights, questions and networking and was a great success for the first 'AI Monday Sessions.'Watch the recap video below!

AI Buzz

The evening started with the chair, Dirk Hofmann, giving some background on how DAIN Studios powers the AI Monday event series. After this, he welcomed Maximilian Hentschel to introduce the evening

Maximilian, a Senior Product Manager at Körber Digital, provided the audience with a quick overview of the buzz around AI.Everybody is into AI… We’re totally high on the hype,” he said.

Maximilian covered areas such as:

  • The rise in Google search inquiries around AI.
  • The capital investment in AI companies.
  • The massive expansion in AI tools in recent years. 


Know your place. Know your goal. Build Trust.

The first speaker was
Lorenz Lehmhaus who is the Head of Communications at Aleph Alpha. Lorenz spoke about three crucial factors that businesses should consider when adopting AI tech:

  1. Know your place: This is about understanding how your AI service fits into the UX, application, intelligence, and infrastructure marketplaces. 
  2. Know your goal: Here the key is to be clear about your objectives.
  3. Build trust: Finally, businesses must work out how to develop relationships with users based on confidence.

After Lorenz had outlined his framework for AI best practice, Dirk asked a few questions, including:

What are the skills a company should have to leverage the opportunities [around AI]?” to which Lorenz answered, “It’s not purely technological. It comes down to the willingness to change and the acceptance that there’s a big wave rolling to us all.” 


AI use case in the pharmaceutical industry

Andreas Leder, the Vice President of Operations at InspectifAI, was the second speaker of the night.

He outlined how his firm trains AI to fulfill the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry. In a sector with stringent regulatory standards, this includes developing models with a high enough level of accuracy to operate alongside laboratory equipment.

He said, “There are multiple regulations which we have to follow so this is a bit… let’s say the killer of the value but on the other side it also brings in the value because… this is really the big hurdle for everyone to enter this industry.

Regarding the specific AI tools used by his company, Leder mentioned the following domains:

  • Image-based classification.
  • Sequence-based classification.
  • Object detection.


Value measurement with data products 

In the final segment,
Andreas Mazat  took to the floor. Andreas holds the role of Director Data Product Management at Mindfuel

He shifted the conversation to value measurement. How can you calculate business value in the field of AI? And why is it important? 

Central to Mazat’s presentation was the idea of continuous performance assessment. 

When it comes to value measurement I’d argue that it’s super important to consider it from the very beginning,” he said. 

He also also established the following ideas:

  • Value measurement is a core piece of a Datapreneur’s Toolbox.
  • Value measurement needs to be considered along the whole data product development cycle.
  • Having a clear view on business value facilitates prioritization decisions.
  • Value measurement is specific to the data product type.
  • In light of the complexity of many data initiatives, it’s important to ask whether each of your measurements are capable of delivering a useful insight.


Panel discussion

The panel discussion is a time to share ideas and experiences and look ahead to the future of the AI scene. 

In the discussion, Dirk quizzed Andreas Mazat about how to justify data and AI investment to potential clients. Andreas Mazat advised companies to “be cautious and not try to build everything.

He said it was vital to understand a firm’s data assets and prioritize action in terms of where you can derive the most value. 

During the final few minutes of the event, Dirk asked what themes would dominate discussions in the AI scene a year from now. In response to this question all three panelists mentioned AI regulation. This is unsurprising as the EU is due to vote on an AI Act this year.


Let’s get the future we want for AI

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Our events are designed to facilitate the exchanges of knowledge and inspire individuals to delve deeper into the realm of responsible AI. This all happens in a smart-thinking, open-minded environment. 

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The talks

06:00 PM
Maximilian Hentschel
Introduction to the evening
06:05 PM
Lorenz Lehmhaus
Building use cases in unparalleled speed with a foundation model like Luminous
06:35 PM
Andreas Leder
Bending the curve with AI
07:05 PM
Andreas Mazat
Tracing back business value of your data products: how to be a Datapreneur
07:30 PM
Dirk Hofmann, Andreas Mazat, Andreas Leder
Panel Discussion Led by Dirk Hofmann

The speakers

Senior Product Manager (AI)
Körber Digital
Head of Communications
Aleph Alpha
Director Data Product Management
Vice President Operations


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