AI Monday®

AI Monday®

The world is adapting AI too slowly. By 2025, Denmark's vision is to be a world leader in responsible and ethical use of AI – where the right to privacy, security and transparency takes first place.

One of the best ways to use AI responsibly is for public and private sector institutions to collaborate. In Denmark, there is a strong tradition for such partnerships and Denmark has some of the best researchers within AI and machine learning in the world – for example within Natural Language Processing. This is one of the reasons why, companies like Eldor Technology from Norway has chosen to place their AI R&D activities close to one of the largest Danish universities.

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Copenhagen | AI Monday
Copenhagen | AI Monday

Mit KI geschützt, nicht überlistet – Sicherheit mit Augenmaß

Jun 3, 2024

Who joins us?

We unite the AI Community

We create broad links between the tech and business communities. Our attendees include the following groups: AI experts, the AI curious, disruptive startups and the global businesses.

When & where?

After work.

Our events are always held on Mondays after work. Talks usually start around 5–6 PM.

We're curious

Free thinking fuels our success it’s important for us that these things don’t happen: No shallow consulting talks. No sales pitches. What we mean with AI: Yes, we use the popular term AI and mean, machines, or computers that mimic cognitive functions that humans associate with the human mind, such as “learning“ and "problem solving". In other words: neural networks. Our goal is to grow the Copenhagen AI community and encourage the use of AI.

There are currently no events planned for Copenhagen.

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