AI Monday®

AI Monday®

Our next AI Monday Helsinki is only weeks away!

This year we've already hosted two captivating discussions on generative AI and responsible AI, featuring thought-provoking insights from industry experts. Now, we invite you to join our community, watch the recordings, and participate in the ongoing conversations.

#AIMonday brings together companies, universities, and other organizations around interesting topics related to AI. The event series discusses the benefits and challenges of data and AI for business, environment, and society from versatile, insightful perspectives.

Featured Event

Helsinki | AI Monday
Helsinki | AI Monday

AI & Sustainability

May 13, 2024

Who joins us?

We unite the AI Community

We create broad links between the tech and business communities. Our attendees include the following groups: AI experts, the AI curious, disruptive startups and the global businesses.


After work.

Our events are always held on Mondays after work. Talks usually start around 5–6 PM.

We're curious

Free thinking fuels our success

Free thinking fuels our success, so it’s important for us that these things don’t happen: No shallow consulting talks. No sales pitches.

The Organizer

CEO and co-founder
DAIN Studios

Our Partners

University of Helsinki
Technology Industries of Finland
DAIN Studios

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