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Mit KI geschützt, nicht überlistet – Sicherheit mit Augenmaß

Mit KI geschützt, nicht überlistet – Sicherheit mit Augenmaß | AI Monday

AI Monday drehte sich um das Thema “Mit KI geschützt, nicht überlistet – Sicherheit mit Augenmaß”. Experten diskutierten über die Entwicklung der KI im Bereich Cybersicherheit, regulatorische Anforderungen und die Integration von KI in verschiedenen Bereichen.   Referenten: •Martin Schöpper (stellv. CISO, BASF) •Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Ruskowski (TU Kaiserslautern, DFKI) •Karsten Hellinger (CEO & Gründer, […]

AI Monday Berlin – career paths in AI: researcher, founder, or both?

AI Monday Berlin, Mai 13, 2024

Meet our event partners AI Grid is an initiative that aims to strengthen synergies and collaboration between young talents in the field of artificial intelligence. We connect committed Master and PhD students with new ideas in a valuable network and provide them with mentoring and introductions to renowned international AI experts from academia and industry. […]

AI & Sustainability

AI & Sustainability | AI Monday

Prof. Laura Ruotsalainen – AI and Smart Cities Professor Laura Ruotsalainen highlighted AI’s potential to enable sustainable urban environments. She emphasized AI’s role in processing large datasets, improving air quality, and optimizing traffic flow in Helsinki’s planned city boulevards through reinforcement learning. Susanna Mäkelä – Business and Sustainability Tech and legal expert Susanna Mäkelä discussed […]

AI is changing the game: Are you ready to play?

AIM Munich

The event was moderated by Ray Sono CEO Sebastian Krüger and DAIN Studios Germany CEO Dirk Hofmann, with keynotes by Sandy Brueckner, Associate Director Digital Transformation at Linde, Henning Tomforde, Director Digital Transformation at Linde, Michael Schmiechen, CSO at everii Group, Dr. Chris Richter, Head of Data & Technologies at byte, and Dr. Laura Crompton, […]

AI Monday Berlin – How AI Assistants will reshape Retail

AI Monday Berlin - How AI Assistants will reshape Retail | AI Monday

Why attend? Retail is at a crossroads, with AI and machine learning technologies redefining the shopping experience. AI Monday dives deep into the realm of AI assistants, challenging an area where traditional brick-and-mortar retail continues to outperform online shopping. But the digital landscape is changing fast. Discover how AI is reshaping the way customers make […]

How are companies becoming more resilient through AI

How are companies becoming more resilient through AI | AI Monday

What can you expect? Inspiring keynotes Hear from leading AI industry experts and successful entrepreneurs on how AI technologies can help organizations become more resilient and adaptable. Interactive panels: Engage with AI specialists and industry insiders in roundtable discussions. Bring your questions and discuss the opportunities and challenges of AI for business resilience.   Networking […]

AI & Social Influencing

allesdann_Tech-Powered_Influence_event_blending_AI_and_social_i_d3e92885-5cff-4998-b5bc-924389c204e3 2-min-min (1) The discussions focused on how AI algorithms are utilized on social media platforms, their influence in elections, responsible AI practices, and the impact of AI-based recommendation systems on social media influencers and audience relationships. The event was hosted by Petri Malmelin, Co-Founder at Ämplify, and featured keynotes from Mikko Alasaarela, Impact Entrepreneur at Equel […]

AI in Industry

AI Monday Helsinki 27.11.23 We had a fantastic turnout of attendance, with 292 tuning into the livestream and 62 present at the location. With moderator Petri Malmelin guiding the show, the event was a successful discussion of topics surrounding artificial intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing industry, and overall adaptation of AI in different industries, highlighting the ways […]

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