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AI Monday Stuttgart

AI Monday, Feb 24, 2020

In 2020 we want to switch between locations to connect with even more people and provide new perspectives. This time we have been invited to “Steyg” a startup hub in the center of Stuttgart (

First Speaker was Silvana Hansen: Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important for society and companies. How does this change human interaction with AI? Silvana together with Fraunhofer has conducted a study and she presented the results but also had a good discussion with the audience.

Next up was a clear highlight of the evening: Fabian Seewald. In an artistic performance, Fabian Seewald visualizes the power of convergences in the age of exponentials. Through research insights in neuroscience and the experience in the arts, he invites the audience to create their own fusion.
While AI in combination with other exponential technologies is reshaping whole industries, it is also the time to refocus on the human factor and find new ways to approach creativity.

Next up on stage were Dr. Robin Hirt und Ronny Schüritz: Companies today need to provide AI-based features and experiences with their products. Especially B2B-customers are not always willing to share the required data with the provider. Robin & Ronny introduced new privacy preserving technologies that enable the development, deployment and management of machine learning models in decentralized systems.

And finnaly we had Philipp Göller: Automated machine learning (AutoML) is a vastly growing field and will change data science processes in the future. Do we really need humans to build predictive models or will automation frameworks take over the work of data scientists? Philipp will critically reflected his thoughts and share his experiences and preview..

The talks

Silvana Hinsen
AI, our assistant and friend
Fabian Seewald
Create your own fusion
Philipp Göller
Will Data Science abolish itself through automation?
Robin Hirt, Ronny Schueritz
AI without data access is not possible? Yes it is!

The speakers

CEO & Founder
DUNDU – The Giants of Light
Senior Consultant (Technology Advisory)


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