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AI Monday – Berlin – 20/05/2019

AI Monday, May 20, 2019

The weather on our fourth AI Monday in 2019 was, well, mixed, but the speeches were all fantastic. Valerio Velardo started the evening with an interesting insight into AI and music. He was followed by Baver Acu introducing us to “Chris” their AI car assistant and the challenges to build it. The 3rd speech we heard from Saskia Ostendorff was a plea for sharing Open Legal data to make it work for AI algos to improve transparency and legal decision making. Robert Förster finished the event about numerous existing use cases on text2speech or vice versa with a demo of synchronization of famous tv shows.

The talks

Valerio Velardo
Teaching AI to compose video game music
Baver Acu
Challenges for building a Voice AI System with software and hardware
Robert Förster
AI solutions in Media Business
Saskia Ostendorff
We need Open Data for AI

The speakers

Lawyer & Co-Founder
Open Legal Data
CEO & Founder
Multicast Media GmbH
German Autolabs
Founder & CEO


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