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Saskia Ostendorff

Lawyer & Co-Founder
— Open Legal Data
Dr. Saskia Ostendorff is the founder of the law firm Ostendorff. Her areas of expertise are Personal Rights and Intellecutal Property Law focusing on legal questions of new technologies. She consults and represents clients in the field of identity theft, hate comments, violation of the right to one's own image, file sharing, victims of crime and the defence in criminal proceedings.Furthermore, she is a Germany-wide and international speaker on digital change in law with lectures on 3D printing, open data, artificial intelligence and personal rights. Dr. Saskia Ostendorff did her Ph.D. on Intellectual Property Law and 3D-printing at the renowned Humboldt University, “Copy and Paste: The private copy of applied art by 3D-printers”.
May 20, 2019
"AI Monday - Berlin - 20/05/2019"
Saskia Ostendorff
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