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AI Monday Helsinki returns, and a new monthly format on the way!

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It has been six months since the last AI Monday event in Helsinki, and what an exciting journey it's been! We've hosted events in cities like Dresden, Vienna, Heilbronn, Berlin, and Munich, each one buzzing with enthusiastic crowds eager to discuss, share, and learn about AI.

In the last few months, the AI space has seen significant advances.

Various Gen-AI tools are being launched at an accelerating pace. Companies are increasingly focusing on cost savings and efficiency improvements through not only Gen-AI but also advanced analytics, deep learning, and artificial intelligence in general. It’s fascinating to see how some companies have seamlessly adopted these new tools and methods into their daily operations, while others are still figuring out the best approach amid concerns about privacy, ethics, and organizational agility.

Reflecting on our own use of AI, we’ve realized that while AI tools are a part of our daily workflow, their application in building AI Monday events has been limited. We do use Gen-AI for images and AI-aided text in our marketing materials and event content, but the actual event planning and production remains a very human-intensive effort. This is an area we’re looking to explore further and will be excited to share our experiences and results with you.

As AI continues to evolve, we’re thrilled to be hosting the next AI Monday in Helsinki. The theme of the event is “AI in Industry,” and it’s scheduled for November 27th. This hybrid event promises to be a great experience to anyone interested in AI and you can read more and register here.

We’re already planning future events, aiming to host a monthly AI Monday in Helsinki during the end of 2023 and the first half of 2024. While we’re excited about upcoming themes like AI in social influencing and the future of AI, we’re mindful of the rapid pace of change in the AI world and are careful not to plan too far ahead.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at these events, where we can share insights, discuss the latest in AI, and grow together in this fascinating field!

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