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This is the start of something big. DAIN Studios takes the reins at AI Monday.

AI Monday have written a new chapter in their story with the news that DAIN Studios will start overseeing the straight-talking AI event series.

The move will strengthen AI Monday, just at the moment when interest in new technology is at a high and digital innovation is pushing the boundaries of what can be done with AI.

“This is a moment to celebrate. AI Monday will become stronger, and more firms will be able to update and expand their expertise in AI. At DAIN Studios we believe in finding synergies between the business and AI communities. So, we’re really excited about this new adventure,” says Dirk Hofmann, DAIN Studios co-founder.


DAIN Studios and AI Monday go way back

AI Monday was created by the Finnish consultancy company Taival in 2017. Over the next five years, led by Michael Hanf and Juri Stobbe, the event series nurtured networks between business professionals and tech enthusiasts. The gatherings became known for a no-nonsense, straight-talking take on AI. This was a valuable approach, and the summits quickly became popular in Finland.

The connection between DAIN Studios and AI Monday goes back to 2018 when co-founders Dirk Hofmann and Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen gave talks at the event.

Creating value one connection at a time

AI is an evolving field that provides many new opportunities. But many firms are missing out due to a lack of relevant skills and knowledge. AI Monday aims to do something about this, providing content which can be easily applied to everyday business problems.

“Since I first came across AI Monday I’ve been impressed by the openness and approachability of the organization. We know many in the business community want to know more about the latest tech but don’t know how. That’s why the straight-talking approach of AI Monday is so important. The event series is designed to offer content that can be understood by everyone,” says Dirk Hofmann, DAIN Studios.

AI Monday gets stronger

The collective knowledge and skills of both DAIN and AI Monday will mean more events, more inspiration, more connections, and more chances for businesses to generate growth through AI. As part of a brand refresh, AI Monday will revamp its website. The new website focuses more on the community. It now hosts a speaker archive and a news blog.

About AI Monday

AI Monday creates intimate alliances between businesses and the tech sector. We share knowledge and encourage organizations to get more out of technology in an open-minded environment where we can all learn, laugh, and feel supported.

So far the networking events have gathered 7500+ people. We’ve been enlightened by talks by 200+ speakers in 9 cities.

About DAIN Studios

DAIN Studios is a Finnish-German data and AI consultancy that helps organizations become data fluent.

Companies choose the firm because of its high standards of service and start-to-finish solutions that range from strategy to operations optimization.

The company’s team of experts provide substantial improvements in business performance—and help protect the individual rights of consumers too.

2022 was a momentous year for DAIN Studios. Not only did the firm win the Top Consultant Award for positive client feedback in Germany, but also Körber Digital acquired a majority stake in the business.

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