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Petri Malmelin

— Ämplify
I'm M&A expert and business transformation lead with passion for people centric, data and system driven change journeys.To me the best business transformations - change people thinking and behaviour - digitalise business processes and boldly utilise data (e.g by using data hubs / data spaces, ML/AI) - indisputably measure the aimed business benefits (e.g. by using Automated Process Discovery) - simplify IT-landscapes: the value is in data, while the costs hide in applications and their integrations - create social gravity to convert people - employees, collaborators and customers - into fansWhen the above happens, unfairly great value is delivered and the competitors talk of 'disruption'. My passion lies in planning, leading and delivering such change journeys.
March 18, 2024
"AI Today & Tomorrow"
Petri Malmelin
Six Futuristic AI Stories – One is Fake News
January 15, 2024
"AI & Social Influencing"
Petri Malmelin
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