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AI Monday Berlin 11/05/2020

AI Monday, May 11, 2020

While COVID-19 is changing everything these times we decided to keep up with our AI Monday series and provide further insights and inspiration in a virtual setup. The topic this time was “AI & Data: Privacy, Security & Safety” and with 3 exciting speakers.

Sebastian Weyer: Privacy defines a state in which one is free from public attention and not observed or disturbed by others. Taken in the context of data, privacy is therefore a state in which an individual’s data is used only with their specific consent, and where any person or organization party to that individual’s data guarantee to prevent unauthorized disclosures or misuse of that information.
Therefore, in order to protect the individual’s privacy, strict regulations have already been introduced in many regions and countries worldwide, such as CCPA in California or GDPR in the EU and we can expect many more to come. This puts businesses in a position in which they need to find a solution in order to leverage data while preserving privacy. Sebastian will address this topic and answer how businesses can benefit from synthetic data and unlock the value of data.

Dr. Naja von Schmude: At Peregrine, we bring cameras into cars to gain awareness of the surrounding world and to create a superior data set for advanced mobility analytics. Video data captured in public spaces contain a lot of personal information (e.g. faces, license plates) which needs to be handled with special care. This talk will highlight how we address this challenge: From meta-data extraction and discarding of images directly at the edge, anonymization of the video material to intelligent data abstractions. And all in such a way, that we still can make use of the data for our analytics and model training.

Aleksandar Stajanovic: The Berlin-based AI and deep data platform proved that it is possible to create progressive security solutions which harness all the great technological advances without neglecting the rights and freedom of individuals. Operational for world-leading city halls and their police forces, public transport operators, and the security divisions of multinational corporations, AVA has emerged as a role-model and European-made gold standard for monitoring and managing security, safety, and risk in full alignment with the most strict regulations on data privacy. Aleksandar Stojanovic, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder at AVA, will share his perspective on how to avoiding trade-offs and remaining unapologetic when facing crucial decisions at the intersection of security and privacy. The key message: Human first, technology follows.

The talks

Aleksandar Stojanovic
Privacy and security. A new deal
Sebastian Weyer
The business impact of privacy-preserving synthetic data
Dr. Naja von Schmude
Building Privacy-first Computer Vision Pipelines

The speakers

Executive Chairman and Co-Founder
Peregrine Technologies
SEO and Co-founder


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