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AI Monday – Berlin – 08/04/2019

AI Monday, Apr 8, 2019

With an amazing sunset view from the 20th floor over Berlin, this AI Monday had a fantastic setting. Our Host Deutsche Telekoms T-Labs started off with Claudia Pohlink giving us insights on how they approach AI and also provided a Demo. Next up was Kalle Raita from Curious AI who gave an expert talk on automating manual processes and optimising industry processes with AI. Justina Petraityte from RASA provided us with her perspective on how to build conversational interfaces right by using RASA. And finally Raphael Holca-Lamarre talked about how Mimica observes and maps human interactions so you can take out the massive effort in RPA initiatives.

The talks

Christian Wasileiades
End-to-end speech recognition
Peter Rose
GeoAI: The Future of Feature Extraction and Classification
Isa Ette
You want AI? Do your homework first

The speakers

Business Designer
Director (Europe)
Software Engineer
Volkswagen Digital: Lab


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