AI in Educational Tech – Berlin – 04/07/2022

AI Monday, Jul 4, 2022

On July 4th we had once again an on-site in-person AI Monday Berlin event again! The topic was AI in Educational Technology and focused on using artificial intelligence to support the training, qualification and education processes of scholastic, academic and professional basic and further training.

We discussed the current state of AI in EdTech with presentations from DFKI’s Educational Technology lab, providing insights into the latest research, and Mastory a Berlin based Edtech startup showcasing their approach to EdTech using AI. Last but not least, the Antonios Triantafyllakis from the Factory EdTech Circle Berlin provided their view on the EdTech topic.

The speakers

Co-Captain of EdTech Circle
Factory Berlin
CTO & Product Development
Deputy Head
DFKI Educational Technology Lab


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