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AI Monday, May 13, 2024
May 13, 2024 @ 5:00 PM

Last week's AI Monday event in Helsinki, themed "AI and Sustainability," offered insightful discussions on how artificial intelligence can drive sustainable development. Hosted by Petri Malmelin from Ämplify, at Tiedekulma in the center of Helsinki, the event featured key insights from leading experts on the role of AI in sustainability.

Prof. Laura Ruotsalainen - AI and Smart Cities

Professor Laura Ruotsalainen highlighted AI’s potential to enable sustainable urban environments. She emphasized AI’s role in processing large datasets, improving air quality, and optimizing traffic flow in Helsinki’s planned city boulevards through reinforcement learning.

Susanna Mäkelä - Business and Sustainability

Tech and legal expert Susanna Mäkelä discussed integrating sustainability into business practices. She emphasized the importance of balancing economic growth with environmental responsibility and highlighted how AI can optimize resource use, assess climate risks, and measure progress. Ethical AI use and responsible implementation were key points in her talk.

Xavier Jolas - AI Applications in Industry

Xavier Jolas from DAIN Studios presented practical AI applications in various industries. He showcased AI’s role in calculating carbon footprints, improving urban transport with autonomous vehicles, and enhancing waste management in the pharmaceutical industry.

The next AI Monday in Helsinki will be organized in September. Stay tuned and have a great summer!

The talks

Laura Ruotsalainen
AI & Sustainability
Susanna Mäkelä
Navigating AI & Sustainability Nexus
Xavier Jolas
Data, AI and Sustainability in action: applications across different industries

The speakers

Senior Data & AI Strategist
DAIN Studios
Legal and Public Policy Leader, advisor
Professor, Computer Science, University of Helsinki
University of Helsinki


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