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Unleashing the Future: KI-Lösungen von Integration bis Workflow

AI Monday Dresden

Am 06. November 2023 laden wir euch herzlich zu einem bisher einzigartigen Event ein: Work (R)evolution meets AI Monday: Unsere Arbeit in 2030 – powered by AI? In Zusammenarbeit mit unserem Kooperationspartner Zukunftszentrum Sachsen öffnen wir die Türen der Impact Hub Galerie Dresden für einen Tag voller Innovation und Inspiration. Am Nachmittag findet der Workshop des Zukunftszentrum statt und nimmt uns mit in die Zukunft der Arbeit 2030. Mit dem AI Monday geht es dann ab 17 Uhr weiter: Unleashing the Future – KI Lösungen von Integration bis Workflow 🚀

Auf dem Weg zur autonomen Produktion: Implikationen für die gesamte Organisation

AI Monday Munich 1

(Left to right): Michael Breidenbrücker, Ted Krubasik, Stephan Hazzam, Dirk Hofmann On Monday night, representatives of cross-sector institutions and companies came together at digital expert Ray Sono as part of the renowned AI networking event series by DAIN Studios to exchange ideas about common applications and future potentials of artificial intelligence in production, under the […]

AI in Educational Tech – Berlin – 04/07/2022

AI in Educational Tech

We discussed the current state of AI in EdTech with presentations from DFKI’s Educational Technology lab, providing insights into the latest research, and Mastory a Berlin based Edtech startup showcasing their approach to EdTech using AI. Last but not least, the Antonios Triantafyllakis from the Factory EdTech Circle Berlin provided their view on the EdTech […]

AI and Industry 4.0 – NRW – 13/07/2022

AI Monday KI und Industrie 4.0

The event started with a keynote from Dr Christian Temath, Managing Director at KI.NRW and Matthias Neugebauer, Managing Director at START Hürth presenting the vision of the future AI village, followed by Jörg Bienert, President of KI Bundesverband, introducing Germany’s largest AI entrepreneur network. Core of the event were be 5 members from AI association […]

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