AI Monday®


Four crisp presentations incl. Q&A. Some speaker also demo their AI solutions. Followed by snacks, drinks and networking.


AI curious people, change leaders, businesses with passion for data and disruption.


Share AI-knowledge, exchange and encourage each other on our change journeys.


Always at different locations of our partners. Check out the city pages for details.


Always Monday after work.
Doors open at 6:30 PM.
Talks start at 7 PM.

Networking starts at around 9 PM.

What Not!

No Sales Pitches. No Math lectures or deep tech dives. No shallow consulting or marketing talks.


Our upcoming events
Stuttgart / Ludwigsburg

Stuttgart / Ludwigsburg

May 27

@ Porsche Foundry



Jun 17

@Berlin Buzzwords (KulturBrauerei)



July 17

@ BCcon Stuttgart



Sep 2nd

@ The Drivery



Sep 16th


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Past Events

Photos, videos and talks from past events

Berlin: 20.05.2019

The weather on our fourth AI Monday in 2019 was, well, mixed, but the speeches were all fantastic. Valerio Velardo started the evening with an interesting insight into AI and music. He was followed by Baver Acu introducing us to “Chris” their AI car assistant and the challenges to build it. The 3rd speech we heard from Saskia Ostendorff was a plea for sharing Open Legal data to make it work for AI algos to improve transparency and legal decision making. Robert Förster finished the event about numerous existing use cases on text2speech or vice versa with a demo of synchronization of famous tv shows.

Berlin: 08.04.2019

With an amazing sunset view from the 20th floor over Berlin, this AI Monday had a fantastic setting. Our Host Deutsche Telekoms T-Labs started off with Claudia Pohlink giving us insights on how they approach AI and also provided a Demo. Next up was Kalle Raita from Curious AI who gave an expert talk on automating manual processes and optimising industry processes with AI. Justina Petraityte from RASA provided us with her perspective on how to build conversational interfaces right by using RASA. And finally Raphael Holca-Lamarre talked about how Mimica observes and maps human interactions so you can take out the massive effort in RPA initiatives.

Berlin: 04.03.2019

With more than 100 AI enthusiast and three inspiring speeches, the second AI Monday Berlin in 2019 was a real success! The event took place at the Volkswagen Digital Lab located in the heart of Berlin. The evening started with Christian Wasileiades, Software Engineer at Volkswagen, talking about End-to-end speech recognition. He was followed by the European Director of Orbica, Peter Rose, who introduced us to the approach of Geo AI. Isa Ette finally shared her presentation themed "You want AI? Do your homework first" with the audience.

Want to be a speaker?

Have something to say? Whether it's a new AI use case, some exciting project experience or a new invention. We welcome everyone to share - from Corporate, Startup, Science or Education. Even political. Just not boring.

Always English. 15 min Talking + 5 min Q&A.

Shoot us a message.