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We do this with the AI Design SprintTM
At an AI Design SprintTM teams develop AI application concepts for their company, get smarter about AI, and board members see the strategic and tactical impact of AI. From 30 minutes to 3 days.

Instead of looking at a few use cases teams consider all present AI technology, and instead of a passive role at a presentation by an AI expert business decision-makers and their team collaboratively develop with an AI expert AI applications for their company. The AI Design SprintTM is a design tool out of paper and a workshop format, this allows anyone to participate, no prior technical knowledge necessary.

In the fall 2017 Mike launched the AI Design SprintTM at Copenhagen Techfestival and led AI Design SprintsTM around the world. Jonas, a brilliant service designer, then joint and they brought the AI Design SprintTM to the next level and developed different versions for different areas to apply AI at a company.

Today 33A is a team of designers, AI experts, and facilitators that help companies getting started with AI, and they help build the solutions as well. 33A is most likely the only AI design firm. And they are most likely the only ones helping teams in organisations develop AI application concepts together as a team and together with AI experts.

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