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DAIN Studios Gets Nordic Ethical AI Landscape Seal of Approval

ethical ai landscape nordics

  • The quality stamp is for companies in the Nordic region that use AI and data responsibly.
  • Nordic Ethical AI Landscape is a Nordic Innovation growth project.
  • The award reflects a determination to make data and AI have a positive impact on society.
  • DAIN Studios was one of only four consultancies to earn membership.


Our partner, DAIN Studios, has received the prestigious seal of approval from Nordic Ethical AI Landscape. The respected program recognises companies for their responsible use of data and artificial intelligence (AI).


The Nordic Ethical AI Landscape is a Nordic Innovation project. It promotes regional growth and development through the ethical use of technology. In 2022, DAIN Studios was one of only four consultancies to earn membership.


At DAIN Studios we welcome the chance to demonstrate the standard of our work and show our focus on ethical AI and data use,” says DAIN Studios co-founder, Saara Hyvönen. “The ascension to the Landscape is testament to all the hard work our teams have put in.


What is the Nordic Ethical AI Landscape?

The Nordic Ethical AI Landscape is a system for evaluating and categorising companies that deploy data and AI. To decide who’s in and who’s out, the organisation divides the industry into five sections: Targeted AI Solutions and Technologies, Data for AI, ModelOps and Monitoring, AI Audits and GRC, Institutions, and Consulting Firms.

The seal of approval encourages responsible behaviour and catalyses growth and innovation. By bringing businesses together, the Nordic Ethical AI Landscape creates a network for companies to explore new collaborations, clients, sub-contractors, and investment opportunities. This ecosystem is highly valuable in an industry like AI and data—where collaboration and integration are so important.

Nordic Innovation runs the Nordic Ethical AI Landscape. It’s a program under the guidance of the Nordic Council of Ministers. By recognising and promoting companies that get it right, the aim is to establish the Nordic region as a hub for growth, innovation, and responsible practice.

ethical ai landscape nordics

Making data and AI happen the right way

Today, data and AI are some of the most valuable assets an organisation has. The tech drives decision-making, powers innovation, and helps firms stay competitive. We know that digital technology has great potential for faster, smarter, and better outcomes. As a single example, look at the rapid progress of large language models in recent times.

In a world that moves this fast, we need to make ongoing assessments as to whether we’re using data and AI as responsibly as possible. That’s why schemes like the Nordic Ethical Landscape are so important. They encourage the business community to put the potential of the latest technology into doing good.


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