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AI Monday, Mar 20, 2023
Mar 20, 2023 @ 6:30 PM

Exciting impulse talks, performances and a discussion on the intersection of AI and musical creativity.

The first AI Monday Berlin was a blast!

Many thanks to the co-organizer and moderator Matthias Strobel from MusicTech Germany, the incredible speakers and the 200 guests from Berlin’s music tech and AI community for joining the event on March 20th at the House of Music. Guests were treated to talks on innovative research and projects related to music and technology.

The first speaker was Dr. Jean Simonnet, a data scientist and the co-inventor of The Jam Machine, an AI that produces melodic MIDI sequences, thanks to its GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture trained on the text transcriptions of about 5000 MIDI tunes.

At the intersection of technology, art, and music, the second speaker, Thomas H., a senior machine learning specialist and researcher, presented his creation Pollinations.AI and spoke about how it can be used by artists to produce music videos.

Hanna Lukashevich, the Head of Semantic Music Technologies at Fraunhofer IDMT, was the third speaker and presented Fraunhofer’s AI systems, which are trained to identify and categorize different aspects of musical compositions, thus making it possible to automate music production, enhance recommendation systems, and better organize music libraries.

The fourth speaker, Sebastian Zimmermann, AI expert at Birds on Mars unfortunately couldn’t make it. You can check out their KI synthesizer, a project of the cross-media collaborative electronic ID in partnership with Birds on Mars and Quandel Staudt Design, which allows users to patch multimedia signals into processors and machine learning models, capturing the goal of electronic ID in an engaging user experience.

That was AI Monday Berlin in March. We hope to see you at the next event in May!


The talks

07:00 PM
Matthias Strobel
Introduction - Music Tech Germany
07:10 PM
Dr. Jean Simonnet
The Jam-Machine
07:30 PM
Thomas Haferlach
08:00 PM
Hanna Lukashevich
AI for music analysis: let music describe itself
08:20 PM
Sebastian Zimmermann
KI synthesizer

The speakers

Music Tech Germany
AI Expert
Birds on Mars
Senior Machine Learning Specialist, Artist, Founder
Pixelynx, Pollinations.AI
Head of Semantic Music Technologies
Fraunhofer IDMT
Data scientist and co-inventor
The Jam Machine


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