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AI Monday – Tübingen/Cyber Valley – 18/11/2019

AI Monday, Nov 18, 2019

On Nov 18 we had the honor to be at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (MPI IS) or better known as Cyber Valley.Cyber Valley is bringing together international key players from science and industry to concentrate their research activities in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Focus is on various fields of machine learning, robotics, and computer vision, located in a brand new research center in Tübingen. A key element of the project is to educate more than 100 doctoral students.Cyber Valley will create a stimulating ecosystem for technology transfer in the field of Artificial Intelligence through a new model of cooperation between science and industry. After all, when it comes to the development of intelligent systems, the path from basic research to commercialization is often very short. Startups that originate in the research environment are the engines of this development. The promotion of these startups calls for the close dovetailing of science and industry.After an intro by the Cyber Valley Director Michael Black and Public Relations Officer Valerie Callaghan as well as the founder of AI Monday, Taivals Juri Stobbe, the audience of 100+ people listened to the following 4 speakers:Prof. Marco Huber – Professor at University of Stuttgart and Head of Center for Cyber Cognitive Intelligence (CCI) at Fraunhofer IPA opened up. His topics was “Explainable AI – Introduction and Application to Neural Networks”. Modern AI applications frequently use deep neural networks to find patterns in large datasets and learn complex relations in the data. The aim of this talk is to introduce a practical method for extracting information on the internal processes from (deep) neural networks. Such information should represent the complex decision making of the neural networks in a simplified, understandable way. For this purpose, simple rules or decision trees are extracted from trained models that allow a user to understand the reasoning of the network, for example by identifying which features are particularly important and how they interact.Dr. Johannes Stelzer, CEO from the young Tübingen based startup Colugo GmbH, talked about appling AI based on two Tübingen stories. Outside the sphere of basic research, there are further exciting activities fueled by artificial intelligence here in Tübingen. Johannes introduced two of these: his startup, which transfers AI solutions to business. Secondly, our AI art collective, where we work on projects relating to digital art generation using AI.Daniel Bareiß and Simone Schulz – both from Porsche – presented the Porsche AI program, how Porsche approached the topic of AI and which clusters they focus on. Daniel – also co-organizer of the AI Monday in the Stuttgart region – introduced one specific use case and the challenges Porsche had to overcome to bring this voice recognition use case into life.Finally Peter Droege, Co-Founder of Layer7 AI – a Cyber Valley spin-off startup – talked about “Automating quality control with AI”. Today, visual quality control is still performed manually by countless workers. In fact, the visual inspection process is expensive, time-consuming, prone to errors and above all exhausting. AI can help to automate this tedious visual control tasks, while simultaneously providing companies with insights about their current, historic and future level of quality.As usual the talks concluded into a nice evening with Drinks and Pizza, from our Sponsor Porsche AG.

The talks

Marco Huber
Explainable AI – Introduction and Application to Neural Networks
Dr. Johannes Stelzer
Applied AI: two Tübingen stories
Anja Hendel
Intro to AI Monday and Porsches AI Program

The speakers

Founder & CEO
Layer 7 AI
Porsche Digital Lab
Colugo GmbH
Professor and Head of Centre for Cyber Cognitive Intelligence (CCI)
University of Stuttgart/Fraunhofer IPA


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