The 2nd AI Monday in Stuttgart happened on July 22nd at bwcon. Thanks for being a great host: real Swabian food, drinks to keep us hydrated with 33°C and an awesome org.

Dirk Hofmann opened up with his learnings on deploying AI right. Out of many projects they did at DAIN Studios he shared a framework and maturity model to become a Data & AI driven company. His crisp 10 points are a good check list for everyone on that journey.

Vanessa Deborah Viellieber talked about Text Analytics as the process of extracting relevant information, patterns or knowledge from data that is unstructured. She shared her practical learnings from deploying knowledge graphs and the challenges around it (e.g. shooting elephants in pyjamas).

Furthermore we had Roland Heger from ESB Reutlingen pitching for support and participation of a bot architecture skeleton as well as an overview of the state of development of digital assistants and the complexities around deploying those.

Final highlight of the event was Michael Mörike from Integrata Stiftung talking about how to embed Ethics into Machine Learning systems incl. cleaning up with some of the stereotypes around this topic.


Dirk Hofmann

Dirk Hofmann – DAIN Studios

„Walk the Talk – how to implement your AI strategy successfully”

Defining your AI strategy to transform your company is the first challenge. But that´s only the start of a journey. At DAIN Studios, a Finnish German AI and data consultancey, we have helped more than a dozen companies to not only define but also working with them to implement those strategies. Dirk Hofmann, Co-founder and CEO of DAIN Studios Germany, will share our major findings and give some recommendations for your “Walk the Talk”.

Vanessa Deborah Viellieber

Vanessa Deborah Viellieber – MHP – A Porsche Company

Natural Language Processing – Mandatory to exploit 80% of your unused data potential

Nowadays only 0.5% of all data is being used – and the trend continues to decline. Over 80% of the unused information is in the form of texts and other unstructured data. Cheap computing power and the accompanying developments in the field of artificial intelligence enable constant progress in the handling of complex data. Vanessa will present possibilities for the analysis of text data using Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods. The machine-understandable representation of texts will be discussed as a basis in transfer learning, which is traded as a milestone in the field of artificial intelligence.

Roland Heger

Roland Heger – Prof. at ESB Business School, Head of STC Business Development

„How to get a little help from digital AI friends“

What is a digital assistant, or software bot? Where can AI help in the interaction with the bot and its versatility? Why is it time to begin now? How do you start implementing it, and how to attack difficulties in the implementation process?

Michael Mörike

Michael Mörike – Integrata-Stiftung

AI and ethics (in German)

What role plays ethics in the field of AI? Michael Mörike will introduce us to the ethical robot and how the topic of ethics plays an important role in this field. He comes from the Integrata Foundation – a foundation to bridge the gap between IT and us humans using it.


Jürgen Jähnert (bwcon)

Dirk Hofmann (DAIN Studios)

Vanessa Viellieber (MHP)

Prof. Roland Heger (ESB Reutlingen)

Michael Mörike (Integrata Stiftung)

Impressions from the Event

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