After a longer COVID-19 caused pause the Stuttgart chapter is back with a special virtual “summer edition”. Hosted again by Juri Stobbe from Taival, Daniel Bareiss from Porsche.

Everybody knows Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa. We all have experience Voice interfaces on the phone in some way. Those AI-driven voice interfaces are increasingly disrupting current user interfaces and experiences. With that also significantly changing existing processes. Pavol Sikula and Vivian Richter both shared their solutions and learnings and how they predict this will look like in the future.     

Also very interesting and a super hot topic with Corona: How to manage your supply chain effectively? Improving supply chains and gaining more control is a challenge for many years. But with disruptive technology like AI and disruptive changes in the market like Corona or the demand in more sustainable and circular management, there are new opportunities arising. Marie Vollmar shared how to leverage data and machine learning technology. 

We also did not only have the pleasure to listen to these very exciting use cases, but also did some virtual networking using Yotribe. Choose your conversation partners/groups by approaching others – just like in real life.


Pavol Sikula – CEO and Founder of AskBrian

I am happy to share my experience from building, selling and further developing our AI-powered digital assistant for business. I will provide an insight on how it began, the challenges and potential that excites the team when moving forward.
About me: Pavol Sikula is the founder and CEO of AskBrian. He has more than 15 years of experience in management consulting, which he has applied in the development of the startup’s digital assistant, Brian. Before founding his own company, Pavol worked at Roland Berger and was Vice President at Stern Stewart & Co. in Munich, Germany.

Watch my Talk! My Brian experience: Building Siri for Business

Marie Vollmar – Entreprise AI Strategist at Dataiku

Marie Vollmar is Enterprise AI Strategist at Dataiku. Dataiku DSS is the centralized data platform where the entire data organization can individually or collaboratively build and run operationalizable data flows from scratch and at scale. Marie is in charge to ensure companies understand the value of their data and to enable them achieving significant results in applying data science.
Intro: Supply chain optimization impacts every industry, from retail to manufacturing, transportation to warehousing. Machine learning and AI bring additional opportunities to tighten supply chain logistics using new sources of data and new techniques that can radically improve operations, most notably at the hyper-local level. During our talk, we will share insights on what data science can do for logistics and stock optimization with concrete use cases.

Watch my Talk! AI in the supply chain: Concrete use cases

Vivien Richter – Founder und Chief Vision Officer at Seatris.AI

Especially in Restaurants communication and processes are not digitalized. Human – Machine interactions are few but not just with Corona received quite some attention.
Vivien Richter from Seatris.AI will talk about how AI will change gastronomy in the future, how voice interfaces will replace current user interfaces and what this means for product designers, processes and users.

Watch my Talk: How AI is changing the gastronomy sector

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