AI has a great potential to improve company processes. But how to approach it? This AI Monday will showcase different approaches and Use Cases on how AI can improve industry solutions, product management and marketing and an “AI Collaboration Framework” – an approach to introduce AI into enterprises.


In the early 2000 curious minds met regularly on Monday afternoons in Helsinki at so called “Mobile Mondays” to discuss mobile business use cases. In Berlin it was the latest around “location based services” that were shared at the “GEO Mondays“.

In 2017 the founders of Taival re-started the “Monday” tradition in Helsinki – this time with a highly relevant topic of today: Artificial Intelligence. AI Monday was born.

Since autumn 2018 these #aimonday events also take place in Berlin. This is only natural as a Start-up capital and with 54% of all German AI companies the fourth largest global AI hub.

It is also a very logical step to organize such an event in the “Cyber Valley” – the Stuttgart-Tübingen-Karlsruhe region, where AI science and industry come together in a remarkable way. A perfect mix to bring AI in use: a high number of research and science institutions in the field of artificial intelligence, strong support from the state of Baden-Württemberg and of course full business and industry power – especially in Automotive.

We are looking forward to welcome you to one of the next AI Monday Stuttgart events – as guest or speaker.


Four crisp presentations incl. Q&A. Some speaker also demo their AI solutions. Followed by networking. Please bring your own snacks and drinks as long as we are virtual.


AI curious people, change leaders, businesses with passion for data and disruption.


Share AI-knowledge, exchange and encourage each other on our change journeys.


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April 12
17:30 PM – Germany timezone

What Not!

No Sales Pitches. No Math lectures or deep tech dives. No shallow consulting or marketing talks.


Panel Discussion: Artificial Intelligence in Practice – Lessons Learned and the Road Ahead

Artificial intelligence has already introduced great impact in various fields of our daily lives. Moreover, it’s application in the context of industrial solutions and business processes is more than promising. However, the road from idea to product is non-trivial. Our panelists will discuss their perspective in this exciting topic of artificial intelligence in practice with a broad spectrum: from deep technologies, to strategy and industrial applications.

Dr. Mahdi Manesh | Head of Software Engineering & Deep Tech @ Porsche Digital

Patricia Rennert | Head of Industry Solutions @ Porsche Digital

Markus Uellendahl | Senior Partner Automotive @ Porsche Consulting

AI Collaboration Framework: An approach to the introducing of AI in enterprises.

The introduction of AI in companies stands and falls with the support of the management and the it department. Once this support is ensured, the actual journey begins. But there are too many possibilities and too many algorithms to use AI, but only a few right ones that fit the company and their business values. The right team composition and the right building of new teams is also a very important factor. AICF (AI Collaboration Framework) provides answers to these questions and shows the way of introducing AI in enterprises.

Tobias Oberrauch | Senior AI Consultant (CGI, KI-Bundesverband)

How to implement Machine Learning throughout production

The do’s and don’t in different kinds of ML projects, from the cloud to the conveyor belt. Using two real-life cases as examples, Victor will explore how to approach these kinds of cases in the real world and learn from some of the mistakes that ML6 found to be ubiquitous in the industry.

Victor Sonck | Machine Learning Engineer at ML6



The Organizers

Juri Stobbe

Managing Partner Taival Germany

Juri is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Taival Germany. He has 20 years of technology and management experience in consulting, start-up and international leadership positions. He is inspired by new technologies and trends in order to apply them in innovations and new business models. Already in 2001 he studied Neural Networks in New York and developed first small prototypes. So naturally he was excited bring AI Monday to Berlin and is supporting his clients on all sorts of AI questions. He is a native Berliner and an enthusiastic triathlete.

Daniel Bareiss

Innovation Manager – Porsche

Daniel started his career at Porsche as an Innovation Manager in the beginning of 2019. After his first year he moved internally into the IT department to push his main topic “Artificial Intelligence @ Porsche”. His background was shaped by studying Business Computer Science (Stuttgart) and by an Executive MBA in Business Engineering (Executive University Sankt Gallen). Working in an innovative field was always his passion. Before he started at Porsche, he was building up the IT-Innovation Management and accelerated a Corporate Startup at a financial company.

Sandra Zoric

Technology Portfolio & Demand Management – Porsche

Sandra joined the AI Monday team in 2020 adding her network and experience in creating inspiring experiences.

Alice Chan

Data Scientist – Porsche Digital

Alice is a Data Scientist at Porsche Digital and Head of Industry Relations at German-Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence. She is an expert in digitalization strategies with Artificial Intelligence, technology and startup scouting in Europe and China, and digital product development.