In the early 2000 curious minds met regularly on Monday afternoons in Helsinki at so called “Mobile Mondays” to discuss mobile business use cases. In Berlin it was the latest around “location based services” that were shared at the “GEO Mondays“.

In 2017 the founders of Taival re-started the “Monday” tradition in Helsinki – this time with a highly relevant topic of today: Artificial Intelligence. AI Monday was born.

Since autumn 2018 these #aimonday events also take place in Berlin. This is only natural as a Start-up capital and with 54% of all German AI companies the fourth largest global AI hub.

It is also a very logical step to organize such an event in the “Cyber Valley” – the Stuttgart-Tübingen-Karlsruhe region, where AI science and industry come together in a remarkable way. A perfect mix to bring AI in use: a high number of research and science institutions in the field of artificial intelligence, strong support from the state of Baden-Württemberg and of course full business and industry power – especially in Automotive.

We are looking forward to welcome you to one of the next AI Monday Stuttgart events – as guest or speaker.



Four crisp presentations incl. Q&A. Some speaker also demo their AI solutions. Followed by snacks, drinks and networking.


AI curious people, change leaders, businesses with passion for data and disruption.


Share AI-knowledge, exchange and encourage each other on our change journeys.


Details provided after registration.


July 20, 2020 Start at 17:30 PM
Please join in time – we have a limit of 100 “seats” – first come first serve.

What do I get?

Inspiration, Knowledge, Contacts, Change Leadership Tips, Ideas, Drinks some Snacks.


Pavol Sikula

Founder & CEO of AskBrian

My Brian experience: Building Siri for Business

I am happy to share my experience from building, selling and further developing our AI-powered digital assistant for business. I will provide an insight on how it began, the challenges and potential that excites the team when moving forward. About me: Pavol Sikula is the founder and CEO of AskBrian. He has more than 15 years of experience in management consulting, which he has applied in the development of the startup’s digital assistant, Brian. Before founding his own company, Pavol worked at Roland Berger and was Vice President at Stern Stewart & Co. in Munich, Germany.

Marie Vollmar

Enterprise AI Strategist at Dataiku

AI in the supply chain: Concrete use cases

Marie Vollmar is Enterprise AI Strategist at Dataiku. Dataiku DSS is the centralized data platform where the entire data organization can individually or collaboratively build and run operationalizable data flows from scratch and at scale. Marie is in charge to ensure companies understand the value of their data and to enable them achieving significant results in applying data science. Intro: Supply chain optimization impacts every industry, from retail to manufacturing, transportation to warehousing. Machine learning and AI bring additional opportunities to tighten supply chain logistics using new sources of data and new techniques that can radically improve operations, most notably at the hyper-local level. During our talk, we will share insights on what data science can do for logistics and stock optimization with concrete use cases.

Vivien Richter

Founder und Chief Vision Officer at Seatris.AI

How AI is changing the gastronomy sector

Especially in Restaurants communication and processes are not digitalized. Human – Machine interactions are few but not just with Corona received quite some attention. Vivian will talk about how AI will change gastronomy in the future, how voice interfaces will replace current user interfaces and what this means for product designers, processes and users.



The Organizers

Juri Stobbe

Managing Partner Taival Germany

Juri is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Taival Germany. He has 20 years of technology and management experience in consulting, start-up and international leadership positions. He is inspired by new technologies and trends in order to apply them in innovations and new business models. Already in 2001 he studied Neural Networks in New York and developed first small prototypes. So naturally he was excited bring AI Monday to Berlin and is supporting his clients on all sorts of AI questions. He is a native Berliner and an enthusiastic triathlete.

Daniel Bareiss

Innovation Manager – Porsche

Daniel started his career at Porsche as an Innovation Manager in the beginning of 2019. After his first year he moved internally into the IT department to push his main topic “Artificial Intelligence @ Porsche”. His background was shaped by studying Business Computer Science (Stuttgart) and by an Executive MBA in Business Engineering (Executive University Sankt Gallen). Working in an innovative field was always his passion. Before he started at Porsche, he was building up the IT-Innovation Management and accelerated a Corporate Startup at a financial company.

Cihan Sügür

Technology Portfolio & Demand Management at Porsche

Since 2018, Cihan has the pleasure to work in the heart of Porsche’s IT activities by building the technology portfolio and managing IT demands of business. Born in Dortmund, he has studied business informatics in Stuttgart, Santa Barbara (USA) & Istanbul (Turkey) and worked in more than 20 countries across the globe for IBM, Deutsche Bahn & Olympus – always with focus on building bridges between tech and business. He is the Co-Founder of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Hub Stuttgart and is leading the AI Chair of the Economic Council of Baden-Wurttemberg. Together with Daniel Bareiss and Juri Stobbe, they conduct the AI Mondays in Stuttgart, Tübingen and Leipzig.