Welcome to AI Monday in Munich

Driven by the success and high demand for #aimonday in Helsinki, Berlin, Stuttgart and Leipzig we were asked to also have one in Munich. Here we are!

Looking forward to connect to the Munich community! Please sign up for the next event or get in touch if you want to present as a speaker.

Event Details


Four crisp presentations incl. Q&A. Some speaker also demo their AI solutions. Followed by snacks, drinks and networking.


AI curious people, change leaders, businesses with passion for data and disruption.


Share AI-knowledge, exchange and encourage each other on our change journeys.


Sven Rossmann

Sven Rossmann

Manager und Head of Innovation Labs @ Porsche Consulting

Industrial AI: A game changer of operations and organizations

Sven Rossmann will deep dive into the business value of AI for production companies by showcasing project experiences across sectors and areas of application. On the other hand, he will address the transformational character of AI and what companies need to do to become AI-driven organizations.

Max Haarich

Arts, technology and ethical AI. The Munich embassy of the Republic of Užupis

The decade of data exploitation is over. Data is not the new gold anymore. “Trust is the new gold” (Barry O’Sullivan, vice chair of the EU’s High Level Expert Group on AI). Europe’s only chance to sustain between America’s data capitalism and china’s data totalitarism is to develop a data humanism, which aims for ethical and trustworthy AI for the benefit of mankind. But CEOs increasingly struggle to align the capitalist mechanisms of their companies with the ethical expectations of the citizens affected by their AI products and services. It is not that companies don’t want to act ethically aligned. It is just really hard to do – almost impossible. So what is the Republic of Užupis’ approach? We will provide several examples of how to increase responsibility of individual AI designers, how to involve the people affected by AI, and how to set up an ongoing process of readjusting AI to diverse and dynamic conceptions of ethics. These measures include participatory design with civil society, workshops with science-fiction experts and other formats of arts&tech-collaborations. Eventually, such measures don’t just function as an ethical filter to prevent harm but they also boost the company’s innovative capability to identify competitive advantages.

Zinonas Zinonos

Senior Consultant @ Ventum Consulting

A glimpse of AI in fundamental research and prospects for real-life problems

Open Mic

Give us your Input on AI!

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