We were getting a virtual tour of the new Merantix AI Campus and discussed with Founder Rasmus Rothe how they plan to drive innovation with AI.
SAPs VP for Artificial Intelligence, Sebastian Wieczorek shared how SAP is driving innovation.
And Taival Germany Lead and AI Monday Founder Juri Stobbe shared the AI Design Sprint approach on innovating processes with AI.


Sebastian Wieczorek

Sebastian Wieczorek

Vice President – Artificial Intelligence Technology at SAP

Artificial Intelligence (AI) already has and will fundamentally change large parts of the economy and society in the upcoming years. With injecting AI into SAP’s broad application portfolio, we have the potential to enable innovative technologies for efficient analysis, planning, and on-demand monitoring of enterprise processes and operations – thus, AI is a must-have for the Intelligent Enterprise vision and will be crucial for SAP’s success.
Sebastian will provide firsthand insights into Enterprise AI, and explain how SAP delivers value by making end-to-end business processes more intelligent.

Juri Stobbe

Managing Partner Taival Germany

Using AI Design Sprints to innovate processes

Design Sprint is a proven approach to quickly solve business processes – from problem definition to user tested proof of concepts in one week. AI Design Sprints take the core elements of this approach to identify existing processes and develop those into ML driven processes. Juri will present this approach and share his experience.

Rasmus Rothe


Virtual Tour of the new AI Campus in Berlin + Discussion on how to drive AI Innovation

Merantix is opening their new AI Campus in Berlin, a not for profit building which offers office space, maker spaces and much more for collaboration on AI. We will getting a virtual tour and also discuss with Rasmus his perspectives on what it needs to build AI solutions and ventures.

Watch the talk:

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