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AI Monday – 27/05/2019 – Stuttgart

AI Monday, May 27, 2019
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The first AI Monday in the Stuttgart region was phenomenal. With 130 guests the Porsche Foundry in Ludwigsburg was at capacity limits – a perfect location! The Porsche team have done an amazing job preparing everything.After me (Juri Stobbe) giving a short intro, Anja Hendel and Simone Schulz from Porsche opened up giving an update on what Porsche does in the AI space including some selected first use cases. Sebastian Klenk from 5Analytics followed with giving an expert view on how to bring AI prototypes into production environments. Raoul Schönhof from Fraunhover IPA provided us with an intro on what AI actually is + some very cool use cases he is working on. The evening was closed by Friedrich Münke from the vialytics team showcasing their solution and some insights on the engine beneath.

The speakers

Machine Learning Specialist
Project Manager
Fraunhofer IPA
Founding & Managing Director
Director Porsche
Digital Lab

The talks

Anja Hendel
Intro to AI Monday and Porsches AI Program
Sebastian Klenk
Making AI and Machine Learning happen inside the Enterprise
Raoul Schönhof
Artificial Intelligence (in a Nutshell)
Friedrich Münke
Innovations of Vialytics

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