Valerio Velardo

Valerio Velardo

Founder and CEO of melodrive
Baver Acu

Baver Acu

CTO – German Autolabs

“Voice AI. Challenges for building a Voice AI system with software and hardware”

Robert Förster

Robert Förster

CEO & Founder – Multicast Media GmbH

Robert Förster

Saskia Ostendorff

Lawyer and Co-Founder of Open Legal Data

“We need Open Data for AI!”

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  1. Valerio Velardo (9:41min)
  2. Baver Acu (39:51)
  3. Saskia Ostendorff(1:04:18)
  4. Robert Förster (1:23:32)


Valerio Velardo (melodrive)

Baver Acu (German Autolabs)

Robert Förster (Multicast media)

Saskia Ostendorff (Open Legal Data)

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