This AI Monday Berlin focused on “Talent Management” – HR and all related processes are getting more and more data driven. From tool-supported, bias-free, talent-matching algos in Recruiting to capturing data around skills, processes etc. Data usage and AI algorithm are and will more and more impact the work of People and Organisational management teams. We thought this is an exciting area to look into. Details below.

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Marcel Poelker

Marcel Poelker

Co-Founder and CTO of TALEDO

Inside view on Recruiting

Despite the broad use of AI nowadays, recruiting remains hardly automated and only partly digitalized. Why is that? Marcel will shed some light on this domain and share insights about solution approaches.

Download the presentation here


Johannes Erhardt

Managing Director at BLUQUIST

Measure, Match & Grow Human Potential

Understanding critical characteristics of humans like skills, interests, aspirations, experiences gained etc. and then using those to match fitting best to a specific role or to e.g. support growth is a core process of todays HR business partners. But what if you capture those characteristics and put them into a ML driven matching algo, that supports this process? Johannes talked about this, but also what it requires to actually get there.

Download here the presentation and make sure to also check out their demo.

Richard Schentke

Richard Schentke

CEO – iCombine

new ways to enhance internal talent networks

Can the future of work be highly flexible and human-centric at the same time? Richard is quite sure that smart HR solutions pave the way for transparent, data-driven and self-organized collaboration within companies. As CEO and product owner of iCombine, he observes that there might be boundaries to the proprietary algorithms his software is using today. Together with the audience he thought about new ways to enhance internal talent networks that could become reality with the help of AI.

As Richard said in his talk, he invites you to continue the conversation about human centric and flexible working environments. If you want to know more about the value that iCombine offers to project-oriented organizations, check out and schedule a call. Richard also co-organizes the meetup group “New Work Berlin” with monthly events and changing topics. Join the group and learn more about different approaches that have the potential to change the way we work.

Michael Plentinger

Michael Plentinger

CEO & Founder – GREPLE

People Analytics

Greple is promising to help make better HR decisions faster. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze data to make our working world a better place. How this is done, will be shared by Michael Plentinger.

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