Welcome to AI Monday in Berlin

Since September 2018 #aimonday also takes place in Berlin. This is only natural as a Start-up capital and with 54% of all German AI companies the fourth largest global AI hub. Since then AI Monday happens every 5-6 weeks at changing locations.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to one of the next AI Monday Berlin – as guest or speaker.

Event Details


Four crisp presentations incl. Q&A. Some speaker also demo their AI solutions. Followed by snacks, drinks and networking.


AI curious people, change leaders, businesses with passion for data and disruption.


Share AI-knowledge, exchange and encourage each other on our change journeys.


Torgen Hauschild

Torgen Hauschild

Co-Founder & CIO AIPARK

How to use computer vision on the edge to build live curb sidemaps”

Exact information about the curb side is essential for all new mobility providers like ride hailing companies or delivery fleets. AIPARK’s mobile vision platform, a system of distributed edge computing devices deployed in fleet vehicles, is capable of collecting a variety of datapoints around this and many other use cases in real time.

Elham Mirzaei

Elham Mirzaei

Robotics Engineer – InSystems Automation GmbH

Decentralized collaborative fleet of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

In a rapidly changing industry, creating innovative solution is no longer an option but should be considered as an opportunity to cope with challenges such as the increasing demand on quick/fast production reconfiguration in complex setups and the high demands for “Batch Size 1” production. Intralogistics industry is already revolutionized by the application of transport robots in the production lines and warehousing. However, InSystems Automation GmbH as a specialized automatic solution developer aimed to move beyond current level and started the development of “Collaborative Systems”, which provides collaboration between production units and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV). To realize such an adaptive setup, the transition from centralized to decentralized control unit is a great challenge. This architecture will not only remove the possible single point of failure but also increases the flexibility, independency and intelligence of the fleet of transport robots. This talk describes how InSystems is designing collaborative system by adding an IoT dimension to their AGVs to transform brownfield environment into industry 4.0.

Kira Kempinska

Kira Kempinska

Machine Learning Researcher – Alphamoon

How to build an acoustic drone detector with AI

Kira will talk about a drone detection project, which was about creating a model that would detect drone presence from its sound. The team has been collecting really precise sound samples and testing a lot of ways to build this solution (they tried traditional sound analysis methods such as FFT) but everything failed – so they decided to use Machine Learning as the last option. A really interesting challenge, because it required to not only build a machine learning model that would be robust against similar sounds (e.g. a drill, lawnmower, hairdryer) but to install the model on a microcomputer called Jetson Nano which is designed to run AI application and was just released in March 2019. This task required building a highly accurate model that could run using little computational power, as well as configuring a microphone on Jetson Nano which was very poorly documented at the time.

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