This time the focus was on “AI & Energy”. The energy sector is challenged with a paradigm shift towards efficient production and preservation methods to meet the high demand for power supply of the consumers. The industry works on decentralisation and decarbonisation and is looking into new innovations in technology but also in terms of process handling. AI can and is playing a big part in this.

AI technology in sync with IoT and big data can help improve management of the grids for renewable power generation while balancing its demand and supply. AI is opening new opportunities for various services to tap into unmapped data and connect it to the decentralised energy resources.

Further areas of application are electricity trading or forecasting to reduce consumption or efficient usage steering.

Prerequisites for an increased use of AI in the energy system are the digitalization of the energy sector and a large set of data.

We are happy to have had 4 speakers covering this wide variety of use cases around the energy sector:


Rachel Berryman, Oskar Grabarczyk & Johan Maricq – Elia Group / 50 Hertz

Introduction to the Elia Group & Reinforcment Learning for Grid Topology Optimization

The Elia Group manages the electricity transmission systems in Belgium and eastern Germany with a reliability level of 99.999%. As the responsible transmission system operator (TSO) for these regions, the Elia Group is also responsible for integrating the increasing share of renewable energy into the grid. AI is an essential tool in meeting this challenge. In this talk with Johan Maricq, Head of the AI Center of Excellence (CoE) for the Elia Group, and Rachel Berryman, Data Scienctist at the CoE, we explore the way AI is supporting this transformation in our energy system with a practical use case using reinforcement learning.

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Mikeal Myllymäki
Head of External Venturing – Fortum

Piloting as a Driver of the Digital Mindset

Piloting is an effective and agile way for corporates to make use of innovative AI solutions in the energy industry. Achieving incremental and transformative benefits goes hand in hand with driving a change in organisational mindset to be receptive of new technologies. In this talk, Mikael Myllymäki will present how Fortum has built a thoughtful approach to engage the organisation in cooperating with digitally-driven startups. The breadth and relevance of AI across the organisation is demonstrated through examples of concrete pilot projects.

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Kalle Kyyrö

COO – Smartbi

AI in predicting, preventing and detecting faults for power grids

Smartbi is an artificial intelligence agency with a strong focus on industrial and energy sectors. In his presentation, Kalle Kyyrö, COO and Co-Founder of Smartbi, will explore how artificial intelligence and machine learning can be utilised for prediction, prevention and detection of faults for power grids. Coupled with real-life case examples, the presentation aims to give an overview to the countless opportunities AI offers for grid maintenance and management in the 2020s.

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See Kalles presentation here

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