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It is no longer a question of “should we automate?” but rather when. And today the tools to create automation for businesses are becoming more available and accessible than before. At this AI Monday we focused about the latest developments in RPA, document processing, robotic innovations, and more.

Here the 4 speakers covering this wide variety of use cases:

Christian Reisswig – Data Science Manager @ SAP

AI & Document Processing

Christian described the pipeline & process to detect content in various documents. See the video and slides for more details.

Watch the talk:

Georg Püschel – MD & Co-Founder @ Wandelbots

Humans teach robots. How ‘No Code Robotics’ leverages AI.

Watch the talk here:

Dr. Alec Sproten – Head of Data Science @ Breuninger

AI enabled automation of product availability

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Tommi Holgren – CPO @

AI enabled automation of product availability

Automation teams should be looking at high-efficiency ML solutions that an RPA developer can deploy without engaging the data science team and ending up with a long sciency project and high effort maintenance. Doing AI wrong is a sure way to kill the ROI of common RPA use cases.

Watch the talk:

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