Christian Wasileiades

Christian Wasileiades

Software Engineer – Volkswagen Digital:Lab

“End-to-end speech recognition” @ Volkswagen

Peter Rose

Peter Rose

Director (Europe) – Orbica

“GeoAI: The Future of Feature Extraction and Classification”

Isa Ette

Isa Ette

Business Designer @IBM iX, IBM’s digital agency family

„You want AI? Do your homework first”



Peter Rose – Orbica
Isa Ette – IBM iX


Christian Wasileiades (Volkswagen)

Peter Rose

Isa Ette (IBM)

Isa’s talk was on data-driven business models built on the IBM Automotive Playbook of which she is the co-author. You can have a sneak peek here. If you want to know more, contact her at Anna.Isabelle.Ette@ibm.com or the editors at Philipp.Beckmannshagen@ibm.com

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